Misleading headline, but still


What was it Shaw said?
“In Hell, Senora, one meets only the best company.”

So far it looks like one crazy, who’s executed 2 homeless men.


I believe the total is up to 4 at present.


Good thing he has a gun.


Too bad the homeless don’t. They’d been able to defend themselves.

Here is a vid editorial in illustration of the point.


I believe the gentleman in the above vid is arguing in favor of baseball bats, not guns, but I didn’t listen to the whole thing…too many words.


I would regard self defense as a human right as much as running away a right.


I see what you did there.


No you don’t.
Look up.


Look down.


OOOP. Poked myself in the eye again. :laughing:


TMI, eww.


With shrapnel from your own petard?


I can see you’re having some hurt feelings. Lemme sing you a song.

Hey - who knew Quint Tarantino played guitar?