Must be a lot of crystal at the USPS


I got mail coming and it keeps going everywhere but to me

crystal - Occam’s razor


English please


What’s not to understand - the post office must be doing crystal meth because they are throwing darts at a map of the USA and then sending my package there

Occam’s razor - simplest answer

Go back to sleep


Got an item coming in… took 6 days to get shipped out from the USPS facility…


Before the GOP started trying to dismantle the Post Office, You used to be able to send a letter from the coast here, over to the valley ie Salem or Portland etc, and it would normally get there overnight, now it can take several days, or about the same amount of time to send something cross country.


When I was a kid if I sent a letter to my friend who lived a block away it went all the way to Bakersfield and back. Hanford was a big enough town IMHO to not need to do all that but I guess they didn’t wanna hire sorters.


Up til ten or twelve years ago, my local branch had drop slots inside and outside for LOCAL (999xx) and ELSEWHERE, but now the sorting center is St Louis…takes 3-5 days to send a check to the dentist one block away.