My 2016 Garden Thread


I think it was about 5 days, almost 100% germination on everything but the Amish Paste seeds… most have been sprouted for a couple days, just started venting them a little and will remove the dome completely tomorrow.


@TheLion how do you think I’m doing time wise, I think I’m running a little late but they should be ok little starts. I like to get some in the ground about 4/20 and cover them if needed on cold nights for some early tomatoes, but that ain’t happenin this year.


When is your average last frost?

Where I am, your plan would be about three weeks too aggressive, especially this year.


around May 15th is the traditional in the ground date for tomatoes around here, I’ll probably transplant them into some solo cups before putting them in the ground.


This is just part of it… I have another 14x20’ spot to the left that isn’t in the photo that I’m overhauling. I need truckloads of wood chips.


Filling in these sunken paths in this garden, hugelkultur style… they became ditches of water when it rains hard. I’m going to throw a layer of smaller sticks on top of this, then a layer of half composted leaves and then a layer of top soil.

Salad is growing faster with the warmer weather…


Very, very nice.


I see you have a bike. Is it a good area to have one? I like biking my my area is not good for it; too hilly and the roads are narrow.


Not too bad, there are some nice bike/walk paths a few blocks away that connect the city parks together.


I started 6 seeds about a week ago in Jiffy pellets in a small terrarium type tray under fluorescent lighting. I also used a hydroponics heat mat to speed germination. 5 sprouted after a few days and one (Northern Lights hybrid) never came up. After about a week 2 seedlings (OG Kush) have done well, one (Lemon Venom) is struggling but hanging in there, and 2 don’t look like they are going to make it.

Last night I just said fukk it and took them all outside and potted them. I don’t have the time or patience for vergging them indoors… and I just don’t have optimal setup or conditions.


D_M what do Clones run down in your area? I was in a “Dispensary” a couple weeks a go, they had some of various varieties running $20.00/per


Depends on quantity and to a lesser degree, strain . If your a “commercial” type grower and buy 50+ clones you can usually nab them for about $8 - $10 a plant. If you’re a small potatoes personal use grower like me… your looking at $15- $20 per plant… again, depending on strain.

I would avoid the dispensaries for clones. They generally buy from the same people who they buy weed from and who knows what you’re really getting. I stick with the nurseries as they do nothing but clones and have the genetics paperwork if you want to see it. They also generally guarantee your grow or will replace the clone regardless of what happens.

I’m trying seeds this year. Not sure why. The cost isn’t much different and it’s a hassle getting them. I guess I just wanted to try something new. If the seedlings fail, I’ll just go get me some clones like last year.


You guys should start clone factories…


It starts here, man.


Actually, it starts here…


Lettuce, been eating out of this patch, had a few big salads already.


onions and more lettuce, and I made a new bed and got most of it planted with peppers today.


Decided to make one more batch of subcool super soil. I was going to go with Pro-Mix and liquid fertilizer, but I started the first 8 plants with leftover super soil and don’t want the hassle of mixing things up. So I made a small batch and now I got MORE fukking leftovers.

Here’s my secret recipe. I added one ingredient that makes it unlike any others.

Garden Soil
Top Soil
Steer Manure
Sphagnum Moss
Dolomite Lime
Humic Acid
Epsom Salt
Alfalfa Meal
Kelp Meal
Worm Castings
Bone Meal
Blood Meal
Kratom Powder (secret ingredient)


I’ve been making some “super soil” for some container tomatoes… mine is basically…

1/3 Pro Mix
1/3 Leaf, grass, banana peel and wood ash compost, mostly to partially composted
1/3 Cheap bagged manure compost
Some epsom salt
Bone meal
Dolomite Lime


All the Internet recipes call for bat guano, but that shit is way too expensive for me. I can get chicken or steer manure for about a buck a large bag. There’s some other shit I leave out too because of the cost… like Fox Farms anything.

At the end of the day it’s mostly genetics that drive potency.