My Favorite Billy Joel Song


There may be two since I’m not such a big fan, but…
I love a good story set to music. This one really takes you on a ride with all of it’s changes. There is something warm and secure in the sentiment - two people who are close friends even though they may only see each other occasionally, but can always pick up where they left off very naturally. People who share a personal history are lucky people. Who else can understand you so well?


I’m sorry the judges have you ruled you incorrect. The Correct answer is The Piano Man, Original mix.



It’s been a while.


My favourite to sing is still River of Dreams


That’s the other favorite I mentioned. Good choice Starlin’.


Overplayed, but still one of my likes


Another of my faves (wait for it)


I never liked any of his stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:


I fucking had a job where the speakers in the ceiling played fucking piano man 7 times a fucking hour

the fucking speakers were in the ceiling 14 feet up where the electrician spent a lot of time - I talked him into cutting the fucking wires to the speakers - little by little


His tunes are catchy, but I want to throw up in my mouth a little when they get stuck in my head.