My hed is beyond hurting


Article on Reuters where a soybean farmer may lose money on his crop where he would have made out good due to tariffs


Don’t know what to say

Mother fucker gotta be heged in futs and not sayin


I don’t get it either. The only thing I can gather is that he’s already fucked them, no use admitting they were wrong to reporters.

Maybe Trump’s lost his vote though. Hard to say. I don’t want to believe they’re that stupid, but maybe they are…


I heard a very similar interview with a Mexican-American gent, who voted for Trump, loves everything about Trump, except he hates Trump’s attitudes toward “his people” and finds it insulting, but he’s giving Trump a pass because of everything else.


Fuck that puto. Tell him one of his people said so.


All of them are heged in futs - they cud still get killed but if they know what they are doing they can come out even if a bad crop or sich

As a collective and not as individuals

Nothing moves live fall soybean futs - it is unfucking unreal


I saw a recent annual poll of political scientists that put TRUMP dead last among Presidents in like 5 categories. When looking at responses from just Republicans, he still was 40th out of 45. Obama was 8th overall and 16th among Republicans.

I repeat, among Republican PoliScis, Obama is 16th and TRUMP is 40th.


But her emails.


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I almost never listen to Trump. But sometimes he does come up with some funny stuff.
Like this for example.



I just saw a report about how much he loves Elton John. Apparently, the love is not returned.


I read a rumor that he gave his new bestie Lil Kim some Elton John CD’s


Saw that on the news too. What a moroon.