My new car will be delivered around 12:30 today, that's right, DELIVERED!


Got the Cruze LT, fucking red. I’ve only ever had red cars because of my wife. I always just said fine, get red. I tried SO HARD to not get a red car. I’m cursed. Right price, right options, red is fine.

So, I called a dealer chain in SE Mich and Lansing area as they had over 200 Cruzes on their lots. They were the ones I first saw drop their prices so low. I had a list, people are suffering in Lordstown and I want nice options. Backup camera, heated seats, heated outside mirrors, remote start, and upgraded sound system (because duh). The chain came back with an ok price, said I’d keep them in mind. They asked what price would get me to buy it and I gave it to them. They did say to call them back before I finalize a deal with someone else. Now, why would I do this? I told them to come at me with their best price the first time. I was clear. Also, they wouldn’t be lowering the price for ME, they’d be doing it to beat another dealer.

I found one in Traverse City, about 3 hours away. They had TWO of their three were exactly what I wanted. Oh but the black one had been used in demos and the red one is new. I called their online sales guy and we talked and I told him what I told the chain dealer, bring me your best price. He did his thing and called me back and he BEAT my price by $150. So, I got the insurance going, and I told him I’d need to come get it next weekend as I have plans this upcoming weekend and the Vibe goes to my sister, I’m not doing the drop off trade in, drive home new routine.

Andrew, the guy I was dealing with said, “How about if my guys put your new car on a flatbed and we’ll deliver it to you tomorrow.”

Gee, that would be awesome AND convenient. Yes, let’s do that. It’ll be here around 12:30pm


Red is the color of a winner!:grin:

I hope you enjoy your new car.


Retail Red, red never goes out of style, like say Green does from time to time.


GM calls this Cajun red



I think that is just about the same color as my Grandpas old Vega Wagon.


Mt best friend had a Vega when I was a kid


Took it for a spin, first north on US-23, then south.


How you liking it so far?


Honest first impressions: The turbo makes a huge difference. Big power. I like the site-lines, I like the updated dash (The Vibe is a 2009 and just starting the era of plugging in and having dash features), it recognized my iPod right away and started playing MY music. I do wish the music control was on the steering wheel somewhere, you do have to pull up iPod or XM or whatever band you want using the center screen (Even volume is a knob), somewhat old school so that’s a negative. The inside is bigger and more comfy and this has electric seat adjusters whereas the Vibe was hold the bar and scoot up or back and the seat tilted forward or back, no in-betweens. + for the Cruze.

More as I discover it.


My main gripe about the Cruze was their being “underpowered” So the Turbo must be a big improvement when you come up to a 911 at a traffic light.


One thing I’ll have to come to some kind of understanding with is the fact these cars ‘turn off’ at stop lights and fire up again when you hit the gas. In time I may not notice that happening. I do now.


That does save you fuel, but most systems that have that have Stop-Start tech, that I have experienced it’s pretty seamless (Prius’s do that), once you get past that initial “shock” of feeling the car go still suddenly, but I do believe most having the stop start systems have the off button, if it annoys you.


My last two rentals in Europe did that, Mon français is probably good enough to go looking for that setting now that I know it might be a setting



You might also look for vids on the types or brands of cars you rent over there, like most car tech, it all does more or less the same thing, but user interfaces into the various systems can vary a lot,


I learned to drive in a Vega and a Datsun B-210. Both manual transmissions.


I learned on my mom’s 1973 Mercury Comet. A small car back then that STILL had 250hp