My roommate thinks my resume sucks


The one that I send out for tech jobs… That he wouldn’t even look at it… Says I should make one more like a big photo of myself somewhere awesome and talk about what I like to do for fun. That hardly anyone is even going to look at the wall of text that I have…


Doing something random can work for you, I knew a guy a long time ago, that was an all star car salesmen, he almost never gave out business cars, he would look through a couple pockets as though looking for his card just for the theater of it, , and then “give up” and then hand the consumer some toothpicks, “I guess I don’t have any of my cards on me, here have some toothpicks”…that would stand out and customers will remember you and come back and ask for that “funny guy with toothpicks”


That will go in the trash quick - tell him I SED SO


Random works, but you know what’s better? Competence.