"Natural" peanut butter that doesn't separate


Too good to be true?


It’s the same shit they’ve been selling for the last six decades, with one change… instead of hydrogenated peanut oil, it’s partially hydrogenated palm oil. A win-win for them since PHPaO is a miracle ingredient that is dead stable and very easy to use in industrial food production. (As well as being even worse for yer body than HPeO.)

How do they do it? They buy some maggots at the FDA and get them to re-define certain words.


I simply throw organic peanuts into the peanut butter machine at the health food store. That stuff is delicious and it doesn’t separate at all.


Organic comes out the same pipe except they charge more


Yeah. Whatever. My point is, if you grind it fresh and don’t put any added oils in it, there is no separation, and it tastes really, really good.


I got held up at the shoppers cause some fucking asshole bought organic milk and it would not scan

10 fucking minutes cause an asshole spent 4 times as much for the same thing


That has what to do with anything?


You said organic - I was pointing out how much problems organic caused me at the shoppers

I can make you a flowchart - I am very good at sich


I went to Aldi’s and really looked around for the first time in 15 years and it hasn’t changed a bit. Still hawking bullshit products with names and packaging that look like the national brands. Admiral Crunch cereal, Duncan Hynes cake mix, Campell’s Soup, Rosses Peanut Butter Cups, Oscar Meier lunchmeat. Still making you pay a quarter deposit for a shopping cart and still charging for grocery sacks. Honestly man, their prices aren’t really any better than WinCo Foods and there you get the real shit. Plus, at WinCo they have self checkouts now and are open 24/7. My only problem with WinCo is that there aren’t many of them around. I have to drive 5 miles to get to one,


Nearest WinCo to my house is about an hour’s drive. :’(


Arsenic is “natural”, so is Cyanide. “Natural” does not mean healthy.


You were in a hurry?


Well, yeah - get back to my refuge and sich