NAZI's - finally some good news


I was listening to the Nazi being interviewed and he sed there are only like 191 million whites in the USA and that Europe is being overrun.

He said - a whole lot of them whites are old and are gona be dead making it fucking worse yet


He sez the black and brown and whoevers is gona outnumber the whites and the white way of life is gona be finished - less of course they take over and send them others to the ovens, which by the way he sed never exisited

So, this is plenty good news I thinks


I feel sorry for those people. They must have terrible lives to harbor so much hate.


ya cud watch it yer ownself - IN PA


I saw it on cable news.

It’s easy to point fingers at these uneducated people and think they’re the only deplorables. They’re not.

How about all the educated white people that supported Trump? All those in the upper middle class white suburbs?

They stay quiet and let poor uneducated whites be the scapegoats. Great scam.


Taco trucks on every corner is not such a bad thing, methinks.