Need a cheap bass


Jack Bruce was way overrated… not nearly in the same category as Stanley Clark and Pastorius…I’ll have to mention that on some Cream videos and get all the Clapton fans in an uproar. lmfao


Playing a few songs along with this guy, I just read the tab though I don’t really watch or listen to him. Nice bass learnin vids though and he has hundreds of em.


If you mean “as a bass player” then I’ll let it pass. As a vocalist and multi instrumentalist (he did also play cello, piano and guitar) he was better than most. For me, he was probably a bigger piece of Cream than Clapton was, and so was Baker for that matter. So save your breath, eh.


Maybe I’m just biased after being bombarded by shitty songs like Sunshine of My Love and Strange fucking Brew all my life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Strange Brew had a killer hook, but unfortunately it was only good for about 25 listens.


Puttin some Super Slinky’s on this thing, don’t know what’s on it but the fucking A string was bigger than the 100 E string… I must have bought it from the incredible hulk or something… fuck… too much work to play that shit. .


So I was looking at this thing and notice it’s off… The strings are not aligned with the fretboard well at all, it’s closer to the edge on the bass side… I don’t know if the neck’s twisting or what, can’t really see any twist in it, it plays ok since I put lighter gauge strings on it and sounds ok but I can tell somethin ain’t right. It will serve it’s purpose but somethin’s off with it…


Either the neck is installed at a slight angle or the bridge is misplaced.

It’s way easier to move the bridge than it is to re-do the neck joint, but still you’d have to fill the screw holes and re-drill.

Fuck it, it’s a bass, just play it like it is.