New CDR, new fun


When your Dog is Infantry.



Happy Friday the 13th, everybody.



I went through 3 30 round mags during the first iteration, 5 on the second. So 90 and 150.

This was a way to burn up extra rounds after we all rifle qualified.


Is it your 2 weeks a year? They took my friend Jughead once to go work at some underground munitions warehouse in Arkansas or some shit… then after they were done they somehow almost totally erased everyone’s memory of it… about all him and his guard buddies remembered about it was what I typed here…


3 weeks. :tipping_hand_man:


Same ol doctrine, has not changed in 60 fucking years - firepower and then more and more firepower

How is that working out in Afghanistan

Keep doin what don’t work

LMAO @ lifers


It ain’t a secret


Maybe it’s like Area 51, everyone knows it’s there, but no one really knows what goes on there, for sure.


Aliens are there - Ike wanted to go to Area 51 and they told him no

He said he would invade it - no problem

they sed OK and Ike had an Intro to the Aliens


Yeah, they built the SR-71 in nine months

you could not layout the instrument panel in 9 months

Not to mention

  1. Mach 3
  2. 90000 feet
  3. and the best for last - no radar cross-section - in fucking 1962 - Aliens


I fully accept the probability that there are other sentient life forms in the galaxy, but like with Jesus, I want to see their face (or what ever it is that passes for a face with them)


I don’t want aliens to exist. It’s simple really, if they exist and find us, they’ll find that we’re aggressive assholes. Then they won’t like us. Then they will pulverize us to save Earth.

What’s to like about that plan?


What if they have war on their planet as well, and they’re just like us?


Still not welcome. We already have us, why would we need more?


But, what if they were like us, but a lot hawter?


Well, do they have big, uhm, brains?


The better to kill people with.


Did yu miss this part?

and the best for last - no radar cross-section - in fucking 1962 - Aliens



Here is a sad story - giving them fucking maggots intel t save their asses WHY?