No till gardening


I think the best way for a lot of things is to probably just cover it with leaves in the fall and then in the spring throw a few inches of compost on top of them and plant in that… digging and tilling it up just stirs up the weed seeds etc. and you end up with a bunch of weeds. Plus all that digging is for the birds.

Just planted some lettuce like this today… I filled in the sunken walkways of my tilled up garden spot with some branches and sticks because they were turning into stagnant ponds when it rained a lot., then piled up about a foot of leaves over it last fall and just threw some dirt on top of some of it today and planted in it.


I know it sounds UN-American but I like using 6 mil black plastic over contoured dirt with some holes in it.

I like the compost part.


ehhh but that plastic breaks down and leaches into your soil pretty fast and then you’re eating plastic plants.


I till my garden in the fall and shred the leaves before spreading them out.