No wonder ammosexuals are so dumb


Alrighty then…


Perhaps, but not as often to people not involved in the hobby.


Mother Jones



So are you saying the report is a lie because Mother Jones reported on the report? Good logic, Six.


It’s nonsense - there would be tens of thousands of people ill with lead from the military alone



See cause number one in the link below.

The avg grunt is probably ok, but the more elite level units fire shit tons of ammo in training.

Paint peeling around a window frame
Lead is a naturally occurring metal that has been used in the production of batteries, metal products such as solder and pipes, devices to shield X-rays, explosives, artillery, ammunition, and more.

Because of health concerns, lead use has decreased dramatically in gasoline, ammunition, paints, ceramics, caulking, and pipe solder over the past decades.

If you have health concerns about lead exposure during service, talk to your health care provider or contact your local VA Environmental Health Coordinator to help you get more information from a health care provider.

How Veterans may have been exposed to lead
Veterans may be at risk for elevated lead levels if they:

Spent many days at indoor firing ranges, such as in a special operations unit

Had contact with lead-based paints that were deteriorating

Drank water from old lead pipes

Had contact with lead in the air, dust, soil, water, and some commercial products


MJ is a commie gun grabbing fucking rag - IMHO


MJ is simply relating the findings of studies. Did you read the article?


check my va link.


Yes I did


Like Obama, and sweet Hillary. :laughing:


Yeah, were much better off now

yer not to old for boots doc


doc in the army

You will have to go hide in Starlingville


I would not be opposed to being a militia member as the founders envisioned. Anyone who ever put on a US military uniform, particularly from the Vietnam era to present, is a traitor to this nation, its founding values and principles, and its people.
did swear their allegiance to the MIC and Corporately controlled government. Essentially - they are petty criminals if not worse…

Traitors to this nation

and frankly - I would place the above on the same level as defectors to Starlingville. :laughing:


The defectors were the only ones with sense - a good friend of mine was a CO

they put him to work in some kitchen fer two years

His EXACT words to me - I ain’t fucking going - good fer him


An interesting thought that perhaps merits a thread of its own.


I don’t blame people who got drafted or who joined up to avoid getting drafted. Come on.


I think we were speaking of different Starlingvilles.


Holliday’s plaint is more of the butthurt variety.