Normus - Chess - Magnus - Illegal move - insane


Magnus won in the end


Gotta love it. Apparently there are problems starting to crop up as a result of Blitz and Rapid rules not being fully ironed out. As in, gee who coulda predicted THAT? :rofl:


Magnus tells the arbiter to GTFO


Magnus is the Poster Boy for “giving a shit without giving a shit.”


There was a CSI episode one time where a guy was found with letter tiles in his throat. What happened was there was a word game tournament (think Scrabble) where if you thought your opponent played an invalid word, you challenged it, otherwise you played on. One guy plays a word the other guy doesn’t recognize, the other guy raises his eyebrow and decides its not worth risking the penalty. He then plays an S to pluralize the word, gets challenged by the first guy, and loses. Later he accosts the first guy and stuffs the letter tiles down his throat and kills him.


If I was Magnus I think that other fella would have had some pieces down his throat


there is not enuf violence


I fukkin LOVED today’s problem. Of course I love pins & cross-pins.

White to move


That’s a good one - I actually got it