Normus - this is rare - chess



Looks to me like yer opponent has a pull here. If ya got a swindle, I don’t see it.


Fat Lady and sich


Well, if he consolidates with Be3 and Be4 and even b4, the fat lady’s voice will shatter glass. J/S.


Just wanted to show the unique ending

2 bishops & 2 bishops

not fer the winning or losing

just saying

I don’t know if have ever seen this in thousands of games


Ah, okay.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been in at least two 4-bishop endgames, against my now deceased club opponent Jack. Drew one, lost one.

Fucking Jack was the most tenacious end game player of all time. I would routinely be a piece up after the middle game and be lucky to escape with a draw against him. He sucked at openings but he was hard as hell to put away.


Here’s a pretty mating pattern ya don’t see just every day.



A few days back I saw this question of a chess master

Question: What one thing would you tell a weak or new player to do to win more

Answer: Do not be so quick to move pawns

I have adopted this to great benefit

Just sayin


I’ve seen this a lot in club play…a preference for “open games” where pawns are ignored in development.

I think it’s okay for “new or weak” players, but intermediate level players will beat those players by forcing them into closed systems in the opening.

One of the five most influential books I’ve read was Kmoch’s 'Pawn Power in Chess" from about 1935. I read it when I was trying to crack 1500 and it added almost a hunnert points to my USCF rating.


That would bring me up to about 75!



Ended in a draw


Good on ya. I didn’t read over it, but ya musta snookered him somewhere.