Not buying it, kids




Enjoy your lunch, pal. Around 12:30 in the clip, which is also somewhat educational in other respects for people who like to fish without bait.

Another take-away point he makes is, “you’d think they’d turn off the fucking lights.”


Why isn’t the FBI looking for HIS ass?

Because they are Americal - FBI



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Sorry, Spoon. The guy is a fucking moron. Aside from the self contradictions he’s made re: suppressed fire and no one IDing the shooter’s location by audio location to the massively ignorant suggestion that someone should have turned off the lights (though maybe the lighting guy was in on it), to the fact that the guy ISN’T an acoustic specialist, this looks like the work of a person who had too much time on their hands and the ability to make a video presentation for other people who have too much time on their hands to view.


Are you overlooking the audio recordings you asked for?

Let me know when you’ve digested the last of the crow.


I have also listened to other supposed segments of recording demonstrating multiple fire. It’s echoed sound, dinky, and also other mechanical sound, not gunfire, overlaying the gunfire. Do you not find it disturbing that the shooter(s) chose to fire simultaneously with long gaps in between? Dummy!

Now here is a clever piece of cover left by the conspirators - A note allegedly written by the alleged shooter (aka “thePatsy”)


Gall durn Lamestream media! I think it was yesterday this “note” was just a bunch of numbers, now it’s a “chilling note” describing fields of fire etc


…and all of these “calculations”. How does that fit with his profile as a “gambler”.
Somethin’s funny here.