Oak, I say Oak


I know at one point you kept in touch with Oddzy, do you still? I was cleaning a cupboard out and it had a bunch of Mardi Gras cups and beads she sent me one time and I wondered about her.


Absolutely! We’re great friends.

She’s been through a tough time and is getting out of that period. She’s battling back from breast cancer. She’s in remission of sorts, but has to keep taking oral chemotherapy for another few years. So, she got divorced. Got cancer. Ex-husband had fatal heart attack when her daughter was there and died in Lil Oddzy’s arms, while daughter was dealing with Oddzy’s cancer. Tough time for them. Actually, I was so desperately afraid for her and DM, I turned to CC for a while and prayed every night. There were months I’d send Oddzy a text every night or so checking in telling her she needn’t respond, just know I was thinking about and praying for her. Months later when she was a bit stronger, she said just knowing she was supported out in the ether was comforting and gave her hope.

She pulled out of it, helped her daughter cope with Dad’s loss, but it’s all turning out alright considering. . Lil Oddzy’s isn’t so little anymore. She’s just graduated HS, working as swimming instructor for summer, then off to college on a swim scholarship that covers her tuition and room/board almost 100%… I think of $40K or so, Oddzy only has to cover $2500. All her crazy days of waking at 4:30 am to go to swim practice, meets, etc paid off.

So, I asked her how she felt and she felt “done” and “grateful”. She felt an enormous sense of gratitude that her daughter is launched and is basically an adult. Says that the genetic make up of her cancer means she has a 1 in 4 chance of coming back as another type of cancer, colon, brain, etc. Shaping Lil Oddzy into adulthood is her goal in the event that she gets sick again.

But, she’s as funny as ever, almost always up beat. She’s a wonderful friend even if we’ve never met in person. I wanted to go to LA this past year, but cancer came up in my family. Maybe next Mardi Gras I can go.

I will tell her that you are thinking about her. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, she has been through a lot, tell her I wish her the best, and am impressed with her Motherhood skills!


I will make certain to pass on the message. She’s truly an amazing woman.


Yes she is, I’m proud to think of her as a friend. (you too, Limb)


Awww, thank you. :blush:


Why not get out of that redneck state and get some cannabis oil? I just don’t get people who go chemo without even trying the weed oil along with their chemo. You can have your mustard gas and radiation but stay away from the evil devil’s lettuce. fuck…


Tell her that she is thought of often.


I don’t know how she made her medical decisions.


I will.


Sounds like it’s time to consult doctor bob…


I am pretty sure our friend Nick tried lots of weed curatives. Sumbish even made his own RSO.


I talked to him about it and I don’t think he was really taking it mostly because he couldn’t get it down into him, he started too late on it.


That might be a factor, dunno. I’ve talked about the unhealthy drunk chain smoker I worked with that survived chemo and a partial lung removal etc and last I saw him he looked 20 years younger.


I don’t think I’ve heard that story but yeah I don’t think DM did much cannabis chemo type stuff.


He worked back in Service was one of those skinny old drunks that went home and drank his weight in beer every night while he chain smoked, one weekend he cracked his ribs and the xrays showed a big black mass in one of his lungs…he did the whole nine yards of surgeries and a couple rounds of chemo, he stopped by work the day after his last chemo, i swear to god he looked like he just walked off the set of a Zombie movie, skinny as a death camp survivor, gray pallid skin, a slow shuffling walk…if he’d have face planted and died on the spot, no one would have been surprised…now he looks great, better than the whole 8 or so years I worked with him.


I just don’t understand not giving weed a chance especially when you’re in dire straits and they want to cut on you and shit or poison you… but some cannabis is out of the question… like Flannel… love the guy but fuck he probably could have totally managed his condition with just some weed.


you mean DM? or has Flannel gone thru cancer too?


No I mean like Flannel and his Chron’s for instance, that guy has been through hell with that stuff and I see more than a few people online managing their Chron’s with just weed.


oh right, forgot about the chrons.