One child separation case was a fake


So instead of giving them free education, medical, dental and welfare checks(As Trumptards are wont to believe), we’re now going to give them free medical, dental and welfare checks? Sounds like _a_plan.


It can be a felony.


Borders are a crime against nature


You’re arguing a point I haven’t made, again,


Must be the rock paint fumes


Jesus Christ I wonder why I hang around with idiots, repeat after me
"Crossing the border can be a felony"


All of your sources indicated that it can also be a misdemeanor, which is what I said. Hanging around with idiots clearly makes you unaccustomed to logic and thought, as evidenced when you come here.


That should be.

Jesus Christ, I wonder why I hang around with idiots, repeat after me,


So you agree that crossing the border illegally can result in a felony?


Who the fuck cares - you should be worried about the humanity of it and sich


Do you disagree that it can be a misdemeanor? Because that is the only statement I’ve made and you seem to disagree.


I didn’t disagree, I added to the fact.

You chose to omit the rest of the facts.


Yet you said I needed to read more and implied that I am an idiot. Your addition was in fact irrelevant, because a first offense is a misdemeanor, according to BOTH of your sources, and without due process there is no way of knowing if there have been past offenses. Tell me again that I’m an idiot, please.


Why did you choose to omit that a felony can be a result of crossing the border?


Not playing your game. This has already been decided, you agreed with me while calling me an idiot. Nitpicking at other scenarios is just weak.


So what was your reasoning behind the omission?


He answered that in a post already.

Why is your native language so difficult for you to process?


Asked and answered. I am betting you didn’t even read my reply.

Are you attention trolling? You have nothing else to do today?


:roll_eyes: lol


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