Oregon really is burning right now, except for Portland


Maybe Trumpf could send in his DHS goons to help his voters south of here? He doesn’t care now though, he just wanted to attack Portland and stir up shit.


Motherfucker will probably say no to FEMA aid…


He would help his Oregon supporters but he prefers towns that don’t burn.


Looks like Drumpf supporters should have been raking their forests instead of coming to Portland to attack people.


I have no sympathy for anyone that left their home to harass protesters.



The rates air quality based on labels of good (0 to 50), moderate (51 to 100), unhealthy for sensitive groups (101-150), unhealthy (151-200) and very unhealthy 201 to 300. Any reading above 300 is considered hazardous.



A fire crew from Mexico have just landed in Medford, Oregon to help fight fires in the region



I"m gonna speculate that he voted for Trump…


Apparently a fire near Sweethome is called suspicious.


Given the shitty economy I’m sure a few people have burned their own homes down to collect insurance.



bigfire does bring out bignutcase


The Cubans across from us have both doors open like usual… party party…


Hmm, Cubans are a rare breed in PDX. But not unheard of. They could be your average messican just trying to pass.


Nah they be Cubans, we have Mexican neighbors next door, totally different taste in music.


Looks like Portland is bracing for a bad time…


I dunno, this sounds pretty hysterical to me… I don’t see it happening… but maybe I need to be packing my bags