Oregon really is burning right now, except for Portland


Some friends of mine from Napa drove up here in an RV to escape the fires there because one of them had bad asthma. They were staying in Portland at a friend’s, then escaped the smoke by going to the coast first, then it got smoked out, yesterday they drove to Idaho and thought they had gotten away from it… But this is what they woke up to today.



He needs to go just a bit farther…


From two different weather stations… Off the charts bad…





About the same as here. At least Trump is bringing back clean coal.




Two more Trump supporters busted for arson in the Oregon wildfires.


THey’re starting to see it on the East Coast Is Least Coast.



With more of the PNW Forest on fire than ever before in white history, these Super-Americans near Welches Oregon (Near Mount Hood) spring into action for Freedom, and to watch for the Antifa Army, i guess?