Oregon senator who stopped climate change vote loses home to wildfire



I wasn’t aware that arson was climate change :slight_smile:



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There is no roving Army of Antifa//BLM Operators driving up and down the west coast setting forest fires. I’m surprised at you, for biting on that bait.


Q thinks Biden is a pedo as well. I see where Boro is getting his talking points.


Interestingly enough I saw someone identifying the person who ran the main Q website which I guess just went offline… guy was a pedo…


The Q guy from Jersey is a pedo?


Yes I believe that’s what the person was saying… I can’t find the video though…


Someone said that was a Q guy, but not The Q guy.


I don’t follow it, I stopped entertaining batshit crazy a few years ago.


One of many I’m sure…but one by one they might be revealed.


There is however multiple people who have been arrested for arson- (or gender reveal)

One was arrested, released and caught committing arson on the SAME stretch of highway.

Political affiliations unknown, but police have dispelled the rumours that it’s “antifa”


Also the fire that took the OR Senator’s house is still cause unknown.


I’ve posted a few, they all appeared to be mentally ill and many of them were homeless the ones I’ve seen arrested for arson.


Yes, none so far shown to be pro civil rights tho. Just 2 or 3 random wack jobs.


Guys i went to school with are all hysterically angery about the BLM Provocateurs, rumored to be torching the west coast.


Murica… Tell them to come to Portland on the 26th and get their dumb old asses kicked. :grin: