Patriot Prayer, KKK and Proud Boys coming to Portland Sep. 26th


That black dude should have let the other black dude beat Joey Gibson to death with a baseball bat a few weeks ago in Portland… This is literally weeks after a black man saved this POS’s pathetic life.



This could get ugly Billdo. Be extra fucking careful, you just know some of those dipsticks are looking for revenge.

@Wabbit Please don’t read the above, trust me, it’s worser than my ritin




So do they not allow people over “average” height?






Looks like one of the Trumpers showed up early today…



Some bleach and a flash light up the tail pipe, and that Truck will be just fine.




Jesus christ


Poor Proud Boys got kicked out of town.

The Proud Boys have announced they will move a Sept. 26 rally from downtown Portland to the north side’s Delta Park, the site of a World War II city that was washed away by a flood and was known for its large minority population. The right-wing gr…


Sounds more like they chicken shitted out to me… :slight_smile: