Paul Allen has left the building


Owner of the Blazers and the Sea Dogs.


And he contributed millions to lots of anti gun bills lately.

He’s better dead.


He also donated a 100 large to a GOP Senate PAC, so like a lot of high net worth people, he plays both sides of the aisle.


Still against civil liberties :man_shrugging:


But not the Civil liberties of those not yet killed by a gun tho.



So you must be against cars, since cars kill people too.

The guy who hit me did it on purpose. He’s being charged with vehicular assault, but you don’t see me out trying to ban cars.


Was Paul Allen working to ban all guns?


Yes. That was his hope.


Sorry, not seeing how toughening restrictions on “Semi Auto” guns equates to abolishing them.


Legislator every year has been trying to ban “assault weapons”, i1639, funded by Allen, labels a fucking ruger 10/22 as an assault weapon.

Yes, the libs, like always, are trying to utilize a slippery slope-esque deal to ban weapons.

Fuck them.


ALSO… basically gotta pay a fee to utilize a constitutional right.




He’s a piece of shit in my opinion.


A piece of shit that is directly responsible for you and I being able to sit here and argue about him with each other, while hundreds of miles apart, while I have Monday Night Football playing on another tab, and who made a fckng shit ton of money doing so, what did you do today? And you’re butthurt because he want’s to instill a little bit of discipline into the gun culture we all have to try to live in.


Not the only piece of shit around. Just sayin’



Just sayin.


Narcissists always think everything is about them.


Like the founding fathers of the NRA did.

Boro sounds a lot like Six today.


@Borommakot Watch this LEO Deprive an American Citizen of his god given 2A rights!