I got no pets at present, but I could poast some pics of my late rabbits.


Please do.


It will be later today. I will.



The first Wabbit we had was Bun-bun. Here she is, judging my reading choices.


Then we got Fiesta, he was my wife’s precious. He was also our in-house shredder.


Petricia was originally Pettrick, but when she and Fiesta hit adolescence simultaneously, we learned differently. She was very chill, as can be seen here.


Here is Phineas J.D Woolworth, aka Mr Woolly. He was a rescue, from the backyard of someone who didn’t want him, practically feral. Within 6 months his coat went from brillo-pad to smooth and soft, and he would sit under my chair and get his ears scritched whenever I worked from home. It occurs to me that he may have been a “sleeper” muslim, given his penchant for being a towel-head (he loved to root around towels)


Finally we have Foo Foo. She was a little thing, 4 lbs soaking wet, and with her attitude she would have scooped up field mice and bopped them on the head all day, every day. She, another rescue, never socialized with any of the others, or with us.

She, was given to us at age 4, the age when a female neither bred nor spayed, usually gets uterine cancer. At her initial vet visit, we had her spayed and were told she had cancer, but that they had gotten it all. She lived to 8, which is about 2 years more than a dwarf her size averages, so she had a long healthy life. The vet was impressed.


None at home, but here’s our office cat Taner.


I’m with Bun Bun. Agatha Christie? Seriously?!? Hehe

What a wonderful little herd you had.


Nice shot! What really makes this picture is the cat sniffing around in the lower right hand corner. Lesser art critics probably didn’t even notice.:grin:


Nice shot of Billy. What’s that antenna coming out of the top of his head?

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I was expecting guff for having (what was at the time) the entire Dune series. My wife is the mystery fan.


I was going to comment on Dune but I thought Christie would have been funnier. :slight_smile:


That is my daughter’s hoodie zipper.


How long do those guys usually live?


6 for true dwarfs. Except for my lop-ear Petricia, 8 or 9 for that size (“mostly dwarf”), and 11 or so for the lop as she is the largest.

Flemish Giants can go into their 20s.


Remember the Girl With The Pearl Earrings? This is the cat with the white tipped ears. :grinning:


This is Dandylion. The other cat was Maddilion.


Nice pics

I just noticed the stray I been feeding for two years has a clipped ear

TNR - always the left ear


Someone may have spaded it.


I thought the clipped ear meant “Barn Cat”?


Dat’s wot I sed - TNR - clip left ear


aaah, ok, now I see.