Pew pew pew Philadelphia!


Active Shooter Situation.


another white guy… black guy they wouldn’t give a fuck about ending it peacefully…

“We are trying to talk to this male, trying to let him know that he can end this peacefully now,” Ross said. "We have called him multiple times. He’s picked up the phone a couple times, but he has not answered.


I’ll be darned it was a Black Man after all, maybe we really are a post racial society now. If we can achieve racial parity in mass shootings, we will have advanced as a society.


Active shooter in WA killed by armed civilian.





SInce it’s local they took off Masterchef for a solid mother fucking hour of repeating the same 30 seconds 120 fucking times

Spousal unit was not happy

If I become head of the whirl no show will ever be interrupted - except for meteors and then 30 sec max