Piccies here, kids!


So we are the best at something then?


I was purposely invited here to bring a little culture and enlightenment into your dank and gloomy midst, and I am repaid with insinuations of homosexuality in my homeland.

Just for that, there will be MORE pictures.


LMAO. Right.


I see I will have to prove my enlightenment expertise.

A sunset we experienced here recently.

The most beautiful I’ve ver seen.


A more artistic interpretation of abandoned technology.


Everybody likes trains, right?

Taken at the York National Railway Museum (UK).



Massive Asian tarantula, takin in Singapore.


Do you know what your rulers are putting in your chemtrails?




Whoa! The knowledgable Lou does not know about chemtrails - OMG - shaking my toxic compounds in anger


Extended 2 years… with the Yakima Titty in the background.
Great pic I think.


^^^^^ Sad.


Nah. Nothing sad about it.


Everything is sad about it

sad and pathetic


You’re sad and pathetic.

Not me.



How much did ya get for sellin your soul for a couple more years? :slight_smile:


None of ya’ll look very fierce, you better hope there’s no wars.


Bromo, what you’re doing is signing up to get paid peanuts to be on standby to risk your life to make a bunch of people billionaires in their oil wars. And they will throw you out like a piece of garbage when they’re done with you.


I have fun doing it.



How much $ man?