Piccies here, kids!


There is not enuf money in the fucking galaxy for me to go back in that mother fucker

I would rather live behind pizza hut and eat rancid dumpster pizza


I guess you think war is a gotdam game.


Just like chess.


Except you, as a pawn, are not actually injured or killed when the opponent “moves”.


And I hardly ever heard of women and children being killed as collateral damage when they’re watching someone else play chess. And being a badass chess player doesn’t generally turn one into a rapist.


Are you trying to say everyone who is in the mil is a rapist?


There is clearly a rape culture running underground there. Edumacate yourself.


Well, that escalated rather quickly.


Picture this. Take your entire class. Diverse, multi racial, male… female. Some will end up killing themselves. Some will be millionaires. Some will murder. Some will rape.

The same is with the military - it’s a micro community. Only difference is the eyes of the world and media are directed to it.

Saying there’s an underground rape culture is a flat out fallacy. Is there rapists in the mil? Yes. Murderous people? Yes. Good, gentle people? Yes.

How bout that, teach…?


He’s right yanno. (Well mostly)


How about some more piccies…

Who likes planes?

American Cataluna Flying Boat.


The mighty Spitfire


British Red Arrows precision flying team.


Back to birds???

Australian green parrot.


Lotsa real Spitfires in this great movie

10,000 dollars an hour rent

The guy loses his wife, his dog, his best friend, and his girl friend -

how fucking bad is that


I think I’ve seen that one.

Its about Polish pilots that fled to England and formed their own air wing to help fight the Nazi’s in the air.

There are only about 50 airworthy models still flying, most in the UK at Duxford Air Museum. Then the US has about 10, Australia 2.

Many more are undergoing restoration. Even though they are over 70 years old, they still look and sound magnificent. The one photographed above is stored at the Duxford Air Museum, but I photographed it at the Shuttleworth Exhibition.


Tim Allen’s collection is near me. Beautiful birds.


They are just cars, aren’t they?


For petrol heads…

American/British legend.


Very early Jaguar