Piccies here, kids!


Man, Lou, your google comes up with some great shots.


Paul Allen, sorry.

All the classic warbirds.


Yes, and a whole culture of people who cover up for them and abuse the victim of the rapist. Many investigations and studies done on this issue.


All shots by me. Copyright.

You may choose to believe what you will…but if you google search those photos, you will not find them anywhere I haven’t posted them.






Link to what???

My PC?


He wants breakfast meat


Tell him to go to Third Rail.

Plenty of hams there.


They told the designer who was dying of cancer that his pretty plane would not fly well and if it did it would never perform - the first test flight the guy came back and said "DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING"
They did have that fatal flaw which I believe they fixed finally
Fuel starvation in a dive it was


Nice shots. Is your camera digital and what was the mm on your lens? I have a hawk that hangs around my yard but I think that I would need a 800mm or higher to do it justice. I could focus on where I think that it will fly off to and just wait, good chance that I would get lucky. I have observed previously.

It looks as though you used a digital camera and that you enlarged the bird area a lot. True?


The use of a polarizing filter might be of benefit. Still, nice shots.


There were titties being posted there yesterday

real titties by real members


Weird that you got no response.


Maybe people got something against Polish camera filters


You don’t need a fancy camera to take fancy pictures. Both done with my phone.


Nikon D7100, Nikon 55-300mm zoom (a rather poor but cheap lens that barely does the job), taken from about 200 metres or so. Given the motion of the bird, the poor light, and crap lens, it was the best I could. I need about 2 K to get a better lens. All donations accepted.


Nice shots.

Phones were once telecommunications devices that took pictures. They have become cameras that can make phone calls…apparently the iPhone 7 image quality is amazing.


Yeah, I am gona get an iPhone 7 - in fucking 2030


Can I have your old iPhone 3?