Piccies here, kids!


Grocery store phone, every time someone goes shopping on our card (which about 5 people do) I get a $1.50 towards my phone bill, never had to pay anything. Well I guess the phone itself cost an initial $20.


If they spend over $200 I think it is they give me $3 towards my phone.


I have never heard of a grocery store phone.


The store here only offered them for a short time, it’s a cheap phone a Samsung Coolpad with not much storage space and a shitty camera but all I need. Someone just went shopping and paid $1.50 on my phone bill.


Enough phone chatter…

Back to the pics.

Australia Wedgetailed eagle.


Monarch butterfly


SE Asian Frog


I rode on a train once


Do you think the Giants will win the pennant?


Great what a camera phone will do.


Here I am atop the highest point of Mt Si…


Nazi’s would have had a fine time measuring yer head


I do have a rather Jewish appearance.

An educated person would say it’s more Swiss, though.


I know I posted this before, but it deserves to be in the pics thread IMHO.

It’s the imprint that a crow left when picking food out of snow.


Just my poor old daily driver with ghetto exhaust.


What a view!


Washington sure is beautiful. :slight_smile:


Music lovers rejoice…

Simple Minds



Simply Red.

Jethro Tull.



Australian echidna…one of only two egg laying mammals, the other being the platypus.


Yellow footed rock wallaby…once thought extinct, now in recovery. And baby, of course…