Pig who would not help resigns



Motherfckr probably will have to eke by on a retirement of a mere 6 firgures with Bennies, poor bastid.


Should have known that was in IL, he should have gotten knocked out…


Also I hear the 62 year old drunken harasser has been ID’d. Dunno it he’s gonna get his thru official channels or on the street.


Hope they burn the corner bar he lives at down.


It’d funny if a couple of the community outreach workers from MS-13 paid him a home visit.


Fuck the complicit racist pig.


I know, huh, goobermint workers are incredibly spoiled.


Yeah, well we do ask cops to go out and stand in front of bullets, and to pull our kids out of burning cars and what not like that.


Oh please.

The incompentence of those in private industry is beyond understanding sometimes. Fucking long ass lines in the grocery store because managers are too fucking idiotic to schedule enough employees to keep the store moving smoothly.

The real world has incompetent boobs in all walks of life.



All this reminds me of how I was told over and over at another forum about how racism is screamed by people of color over every little slight.

What a crock of shit that was.


Must have not been any kids in burning cars here yesterday - so the took time to run over a guy with a bulldozer - over fucking pot