Portland Again Tonight


getting ready to march #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd


Where is that at?


Revolution Hall I believe!


That one guy, 3rd from the left, no, next to him. He ain’t wearing a mask.


I think that might be two separate locations



The Waterfront one I can’t place off hand, all of (old)Waterfront Park is a Seawall, but that might be some of the newer waterfront park development I have heard over the last several years, they wanted a downtown river park with a more natural shoreline, where a person could stick there feet in the water, That’s my guess.


can you see the facebook vid?


yeaah but the sound is crap


Oh I thought that was some new kind of Post Capitalism Neo-Marxist Art Rock.


This is so amazing, this is in a sense “My ancestral Homeland” (Mom and Dad met and Married there, right downtown at the old Oregonian Building, which I don’t even know if it still exists)

But this same scene is happening in a lot of different places all over the world.

It’s like those playing for change videos but less singing more protest.


fucking facebook videos…



Going to a peace march this afternoon: first since high school.


We are headed downtown on the Max.


Watch out for the AntiFa’s they’re horribly mean and nasty terrorists.

I think George’s happiness and pride over this mornings Jobs Report should have a calming effect on the crowd.


Even tho they fudged the numbers, so to for winning.




I was thinking the protests had been winding down a bit, but CNN is showing growing crowds all over the Country