Portland Dude Bro buys a "Yacht"


Mildly annoying but enthusiastic nouveau riche’ (I’m guessing, maybe a techie start up millionaire or some shit) buys a boat project.

Anyway, kind of fun to watch him buy it and get it “home” and see his dreams for it. Side note, his slip is in a marina that I used to look down at from a downtown Portland VW Dealership that I once worked at, so seeing this, was a little bit of a reunion with a place from my past. The building i worked in is visible if you know where to look when he pans the immediate area on shore.


He cuda had this fer almost free

52k bid

80 feet

phased array radars - mach 2

The boat’s two MTU 12V396 TE94 diesel engines and its pair of Kamewa 50-511 waterjets “are reported to be operational; however, this is not a guarantee,” according to the GSA listing. The auction listing does note that this Mk V went through a routine maintenance availability in October 2017, which is relatively recent.

This propulsion system is the core of the Mk V and gives it a serious top speed in excess of 50 knots, or more than 57 miles per hour, and a range of around 250 miles. To go along with performance, which can result in the boat slapping violently up and down on top of the waves at high speed, the SOC has shock-mitigating seats in its main cabin. These are also part of the package GSA is offering.

16 kv generator

cost millions


I see Six’s tent is still in the awning shop getting the fart stains removed.


Dude Bro gets fired.

He’s less amped here, having just lost his jerb, and comes across a bit more like a regular guy.


One hopes this adventure series will run for a while.