Portland State UniCop kills in a bad shoot


If you click thru to her Twitter account, there are at least three previous tweets based on PSU news releases. Just REEKS of the cops knowing it’s a bad shoot and hustling around behind the scenes to cover everyone’s ass while they delay the admission.



The more that comes out, this is really sounding bad, and the more I hear about the victim he sounds like he was a stand up guy PSU had only just reinstated a Police force a couple years ago, they had one when I was there in the 80’s but disbanded it over something I can’t recall, might have been budgetary.

On a side note The Cheerful Tortoise where this happened is an Institution at PSU it has been there forever. I sat in there with a couple buds one night when disgraced former Mayor/Governor and Senator Neil Goldschmidt was schmoozing up some well dressed older Lady that looked like she probably didn’t want for much and some foreign student wouldn’t leave him the fuck alone, basically cock blocking the then Senator.