Portland War Zone


I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon early/evening down there… the vibe has totally changed… rumor has it that a guy who was a riot ribs volunteer came back and forcibly took over riot ribs. The real Riot Ribs guys had to flee town… This person is supposedly gang affiliated etc. There’s a bunch of kids down there who I’m also assuming are associated with this person just attacking numerous people. I guess they had attacked a couple Trump supporters before I got there yesterday and there has been a lot of fights in the square… Someone was shot the other night. People are also threatening to remove the live streamers by force claiming they’re helping the cops by documenting shit… as if the cops don’t have cameras and snitches.

Also there’s a lot of people just coming down to fight with the police/feds whose actions get the peaceful protesters beat up and gassed, loud mouthed white guys drowning everyone else out etc. and a lot of the POC protesters are tired of it.


Could be right wing White supremacists goons instigating violence to make protesters look bad.


Totally, there’s definitely a bit of a Boogaloo element there I think. But also you just have groups that want to fuck with the cops and get them to declare a riot and a lot of people are tired of it after 2 months of getting shot, gassed, and beat up… They would never be able to do it without all the peaceful protesters though. Without the peaceful protesters the cops would slaughter them.


Also if there are no streamers and cameras, then the cops are really going to brutalize people.


Yep, maybe the peaceful protesters ought to be turning these goons in. Taking pictures and what not…fuck 'em, they’re undermining the decent protesters


I don’t think anyone’s into working with the KKKops.


Yeah, I get it. But what do you do with people that are deliberately undermining the efforts of the actual protesters?



I think I’m stayin home for awhile, looks like it’s gonna get really ugly, plus the park itself is now unsafe… I haven’t had any problems but there’s tension in the air. Last thing I need is to get jumped by 20 kids.


If I had total control of it all I would totally end it right now… stop the protest, vacate the park… let all the riff raff stay out there on their own… let the kkkops have nothing to do… then after all the kkkops etc. leave, flash mob, back on lol


Hijacking going on everywhere too…




I think that’s what needs to happen. They have to take a pause and then get back to doing it in October.


Here was one of the ambulances taking one of the idiots away who thought it would be a great idea to come down there wearing their Trump shirts. I didn’t really take many pics of the park because people don’t want their pics taken.

Finally… the protesters arranged some toilets not the city… it was clean when I used it.


I saw cops shoot a tear gas canister into this sign the other night on livestream…




Meanwhile at the other forum,SG, cops can line up to be deep throated.


That was all directly around the war zone, a few blocks away things get a lot more artistic. A lot of these businesses are open btw, they just have boards over their windows so the cops don’t shoot tear gas cans through them.


I love street art, those are great murals and have a long tradition in putting out the voice of the people.


It was totally peaceful tonight and it already got gassed once…



wtf nothing going on and they start shooting at everyone out the building like it’s the fuckin Alamo or some bullshit.