Posting this for a friend



All you have to do is make a little medicated coconut oil (pretty easy to do) and eat it or you could use it vaginally I guess, or as a suppository if you really wanna go there…


A suppository for butthurt would be a big seller on the Internetz.


I have no objection. Rather, I bow to your evidently more extensive familiarity with the ailment.


I seem to have caused plenty of it. Someone needs to make a cure so I needn’t carry this guilt around with me.


They’ve been using Haldol for decades, more or less successfully, to treat systematic schizoid delusional systems.


Congrats Lord_Bawler, owning your own emotional state is a very good step in personal growth.


I said I feel badly about it, not that it was intentional.


You may not be the best judge of your success.


Lame, even for the guy we traded for you.


I suggest you double up on your dosing.