Pot drop for Oregon dungeness crab starts tomorrow. (Assuming the price can be worked out today)


My good friend Corey Rock who is Captain and owner of the F/V Kylie Lynn just messaged me about what’s going on with the start of our commercial crabbing season. Corey said this “Well price is still waiting to be determined. But the legal dump time is tomorrow morning at 8:00am. A lot of guys, including myself may be leaving later this afternoon if we get a price agreed on.” Anyway I hope they get the green light today and they all stay safe and have another banner year. Thanks for the input Corey and Happy New Year.

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I just thought some of you might like to know this. (Looking at you best coast peeps)


You got to be the fuck outa yer mind to do that


Yeah but dungeness is so damned good


CC is agin it


That’s OT, food issues were released in NT


OT cannot be overridden


Bro, do you even Constitutional Amendment?


Fine, u go to teh Macdonaldz and u can has feel-lay (lol) O feesh sandy-wich.11 Eeew, y u want shrimp basketz? It r BLECH, trust me.12 It r serously DO NOT WANT.


How 'bout if you kin walk down the dock to the boat that just brought in a load of FOB crabs and buy them direct for close to what the canneries are paying, or throw your own pots and take home fresh boiled crab.


And cast yer soul into the fires of hell fer a meal

never thot it was that good anyway - just sayin


What in holy hell are you two arguing about? Food?



You are culturally deprived.




19 Foodz not goez into hart, but ur tummie, den u poopz it." (Happy Cat sayded heer all foodz gotz gud flavr.)


Not worth the shiny stones - I can get 399 servings of ramen, a beer and sum wavy chips . instead of crab dinner


And another is off…


Wait, you like sardines but not crab? Therefore, you’d rather have ramen and chips?

WTF Duke?


A loaf of crusty buttered sourdough and some cold chardonnay and a couple fat crabs, and thou beside me…


I did not say I did not like it - Im sayin it’s way fucking overrated and cost too much


Yer thinking of lobster