Pro Football


With the inability of defenses to go after the qb, it’s become a waste of time to watch.

Lopsided AF




I’m glad you see my point.


What inability is that, aside from the increased referee tolerance for offensive holding around the pocket?


They are over protected. Offensive players get penalized for touching those princesses.


Yeah, it’s show business.


Yeah, but no one wants to watch QB’s in wrinkly suits tho.



If football is going to be a game where people knock each other down, no position should expect to be exempted.


Agreed. And pitchers should bat, if I can inject a tangent.


Why did Colin Kaepernick destroy the NFL, why?


You mean they don’t - holy fuck


Not in the NFL, anyways.


Don’t pitchers have designated hitters in one of the leagues?


Yes, the AL has had DH’s since the mid-seventies (may the AL rot in hell.)


Lex clavatatoris designati rescindenda est