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I have started dating someone. Her name is Kristen and she lives in East Tawas, the town just south of Oscoda. She too got her degree at the yellow and blue school in Ann Arbor like Pam only she went on to get two Masters degrees. Works in health db management. She was married for 20 years and is divorced. No kids. She’s fine with the fact I still speak of Pam in glowing terms as yeah, it was sudden, not acrimonious. She also enjoys hanging out with my pup Finn, her ‘step-dog’. She’d love a dog but works downstate near Detroit Monday afternoon-Thursday evening then comes north. She even came over and cheered for MSU over Duke which might get her kicked out of their alumni club if I were a tattler.



I am happy for you my brother. And maybe a bit jelly, carry on.


Congratulations, you seem happy- I love hearing about friends happiness. :slight_smile:


No questions, just happy that you’re happy!!


This is a lovely development, WK. I’m pleased and oh so happy for you, and it sounds like a promising beginning. All the best to you and to Kristen, because even though I understand her fondness for Duke, I’m hoping it tuns out to be mostly a crush on Coach K and not the school itself.




It seems MS K is a Duke Alumnus.


I thought yellow and blue in Ann Arbor was Witchy’s hated Michigan Wolverines.


Pics. Need pics.


Undergrad. post grad at yer Duke.


Re-read the last sentence of the OP.


What, for comprehension? :scream:


Does she have a sister?

I am happy for you WK.:slightly_smiling_face:


Happiness is always good. Love is even better.

Wishing you much more of both.


Alas, she has a brother.

Thanks all for your very nice sentiments.

(I Meant she’d be kicked out of the U-M alumni group for cheering for MSU)