Re: Fake vs Virtual



I’m sure Melania would be happier with me. Seriously :neutral_face:


Calling someone a whore is hateful, and therefore it is factual that you’re proceeding comments were hateful.


It’s judgemental, not necessarily hateful. Get your opinions straight.


Would you prefer courtesan?


I see you’re playing technicalities today.


And you’re tossing opinions around like they mean anything to anyone else.

You’re welcome to your opinion.


My Great Great Grandfather rode with the Texas Mounted Rifles to defend your right to your lame ass opinions.


Oak isn’t welcome to her hateful opinion.




It’s not really a judgment if you exchange favors for money. I think almost all politicians are whores as well.


It is a judgement. Not all judgements are unwarranted or bad.


Most everything we hoomans do in life is based on judgement. “hmm a couple eggo’s, or a bowl of cereal”?