Real Mexican food


Found it


Does the plastic plate add flavor?




That’s a blue corn tortilla shell.

You should know the answer with your “special” Le Menu plastic microwave plates…lol


Dis is a foam plate and the Le Menu are special - they fetch 5 bucks apiece sometimes and everyone sells



You said plastic plate so I thought you were referring to the blue taco shell.


I was wrong - I was referring to the first pic and it ain’t plastic

I will go to sleep now


Nighty night, sleep tight…


Why do you h8t styrofoam?


Handmade fresh blue corn tortilla shell… it’s the best realish Mexican type taco I’ve had out here… Very good meat and seasoning and the green sauce is amazing if you have any idea what that is? They just call it “salsa”. It’s spicey though and about the consistency of a thick mustard.

I noticed while doing my shopping work that Lucky’s here has a lot bigger selection of Hispanic food items, I need to look for the blue corn flour.


If ya wanna eat yer tacos off exquisite dinnerware


‘Salsa’ is simply Spanish for ‘sauce’. It’s a generic term.


Do they add to the flavor?


Fine plating always adds flavor if only in yer mind


Studies show plating does add to the enjoyment of food.




Try tacos al pastor


What’s that?


The place today had the picked carrots mmmm $4 for two tacos.