Real Mexican food


Marinated and rotisseried pork

Starts off like this:

Starts off like this

Eaten like this:


That looks like Boyes Springs? Right around the corner from my daughters house. Love that neighborhood.


Not sure but maybe… Just made a delivery there don’t really know the area.


Small chicken quesadilla, $3


Chicken looks overcooked, was it?


I know cooking Chicken to that brownness is a no no, for taste, moisture and tenderness, but I tend to go that far anyway, cuz I like the look.


It gets a bit rubbery as well…


Next time your there try El Molino. Really good fish tacos. On Hwy 12, as you come into Boyes Springs on the left. Maybe you been there?


Looks good. I prefer it without the creamy sauces, I like to be able to taste the food.


Yu can’t eat real food off a fucking styro plate - yu need real plastic like my 40 year old tv dinner plates

the cult le menu


That’s why when i get take out I just have them fill my hands with it, so I don’t get styro cooties


They are fucking legends

I have been looking for something comparable to the Le Menu plates my parents obtained about 30 years ago. Swanson Le Menu frozen dinners were made in the 1980s. Each one came with a 7.5" plastic microwave plate that was absolutely superb. There has never been anything like it, before or since.


State started with people paying for their bags at the market. Guy in front of me today just had them put everything back in his carriage, damned if he was going to pay for a bag.:rofl:


At one of the shoppers we go to ya get 3 cents a bag credit if ya bring yer own

not to shabby


If I forget my bag in my car, this is what I do too.


Ima going to start using these bags at another shoppers. LOL


That boys smile is disturbing.


Actually the picture is a little disturbing.:grin:


It was great, tonight I’m having taco pastor, on the right, really good too. They seemed surprised a gringo would request it :grin:.


Aren’t they delicious?