Remember I said to watch for sexual harrassment charges against a famous comedian?


No, I’m fine. Maybe you should check yourself, though.


What did I do? Really? WTF did I do?

I wasn’t “fake quoting” you, snowflake. I figured everyone could see I lifted that from your Wiki post.


Yes I know you aren’t but he’s committed acts that don’t fit with what you are calling them. I know you, of all people, understand the importance of denotation in communication. I understand you don’t want to call it what it actually is because you feel it doesn’t embody the seriousness of the acts, but that’s not really how things work, is it?


It is how things work if you’re simply trying to express what you see as the reality of the situation. The reality, as I see it from my own experience, is far more egregious than the law can admit or is capable of categorizing.


I accept that you are applying your own experiences to this case and calling it a sexual assault but it doesn’t meet the criteria for that label. I also don’t believe having Louis CK jack off while on the phone is the same as being sexually assaulted. I’ve been sexually assaulted. It didn’t feel anything like when some dickhead has jacked off on the phone while talking to me. Not even close.


From the NYT article you can review the accusations:

One of the women agreed when he asked and then later regretted it.
Two of the women accusing him say he asked for consent, they said no and he didn’t do it.
One of them is a woman saying Louis was jerking off on the phone while talking to her. She couldn’t see his dick.
The other 2 women say they went back to his hotel room and were giggling as he was doing it and it was after he asked for consent.


Here IS a quote from you, which attests to the fact that your wiki quote is relevant to my simple, not hostile, post that has got your little panties in such a twist. Snowflake.


And yet another thread descends into name calling.




…are you two fighting?
Did you succumb to eachenother’s trOalls?


Those two women who were “giggling” said a lot more than that. They were giggling because they were in a state of unreality and disgust. That is completely out of context. I watched an interview with the NYTimes writer who did the research into and wrote the story. The women were horrified.


I always giggle when I’m horrified.


Yeah. It descended as soon as Spoon decided to gaslight me.


Gaslighting. Perfect example. But I call him a “snowflake” and whoaaaaa, I’ve descended into name calling for no reason, right?


Oh, well, if you don’t, then no one does, I’m sure.


Why are you always sooo aggressive? That’s a very masculine trait, you know.


Do you?


Justify the petty name calling however you like. It’s tired.


I have giggled before when I was extremely nervous. Many people have. Do you really not know that?


Nervous, yes, disgusted and horrified - NO.

It reads like he ASKED and I accept that the women felt they couldn’t say no due to an imbalance of power.


Starling, watch the interview with the reporter before you make any more comments about what you think is acceptable behavior when someone is horrified. The two women both suffered from PTSD after the event, and they are the ones who refused to let the incident go. They helped bring him down.