Republican Senate candidate Joe Arpaio says he has proof that Obama’s birth certificate is fake



At this point what possible difference would it make, it it was fake? Let it go peeps.


The issue here ain’t the falsehood of Birtherism.

The issue here is the crazies that have taken over the Republican Party.


Adobe scanned it down to the billionth of a trillionth of a quarter pixel and went down 7 layers of yer microns and sich

and then said it was real


I read on the Alex Jones that Adobe is owned by George Soros.


yer point


That of course a Soros operation would declare the Berf Certifikit to be valid,


Yer implying they would do sich fer political gain - shocking

If I take over the world I am gona arc-light adobe


Hey, Alex Jones told me.


Once ebay cancelled my auctions and I thot the reason was a copyright logo (I was wrong) so I called adobe and they told me to go fuck myself cause I must be guilty if ebay sed sich

hence the arc-lighting

I will fucking arc-light Microsoft and every fucking thing gates owns if I be world head


So, if Arpaio presents the proof, will we all jump into a time machine and go back and crown Trump president in 2008?


Why would Arpaio have proof of such a thing, after all this time?

We’re talking about a guy who sets dogs on fire.


Well, I guess his having proof is as likely as our being able to get into a time machine. :wink:


If this is true - it is good news for O

Means he could be pres of Kenya now if they require to be born there