Sad news My Cindybin family, I've "known" you all for a long long time


Her favorites were Barcelona, Iceland, Rome, Istanbul and she had a deep love for the Cambodian people she met. Most generous on earth she told me. People with nothing offering to feed and house her on her trip.


We can all grok Billdo.


Wow. She sounds like an intrepid traveler. I could take some lessons from her. My husband hates traveling, so I also do solo trips, but she’s braver than I am. Did she stay with strangers in Cambodia?


Florence was one of my favourite travel spots. That photo is outstanding. It captures Florence even without it’s touted finery.



No but she did have lunch with a family who invited her in. The daughter spoke some English and they had some little crispy fish bites in oil, rice and a scallion type onion. The girl did mention President Obama’s name to Pam to show she knew her some USA


She also EXCELLED in black and white, her favorite way to shoot btw


As someone who’s shot a shit ton of B/W, I gotta say “excelled” is putting it very mildly.


Reflection in Florence


She told me she waited in that spot for 15 minutes on a mostly cloudy day for that perfect peek of sun to hit the Duomo




Cambodia (and I’ve always found it best not to think long term with this photo. Enjoy the MOMENT)



Near the Golden Triangle – to the left Thailand, to the right Burma and the mountains in the background, that’s China


Those are all simply breath taking.


Glad people are enjoying.



I love the angle she took it from. It’s surprising.


I had even forgotten she went to Berlin, imagine that


She got dirty for that one she told me. Just dark clay, rocks and ice forever so she wanted to try and make it more impactful and more no matter how far you go it’ll still be dark clay, rocks and ice


Madrid last year


Denali Alaska