Sad news My Cindybin family, I've "known" you all for a long long time


My fiends just left, Pam’s two best friends from Michigan and there is NO substitute for old friends who knew her well, have traveled with her and who in the span of two days tore my fairly clean kitchen apart, cleaned more and set it up differently for me. Kind of a nice new fresh look.

They’ll both be back in two weeks and one of the gals’ husbands, one of my oldest friends will be out Friday til Tuesday


Sounds good. Hang in there, WK!




Today has been the closest thing to a regular day as I’ve had. it’s not regular to have her friends over taking care of everything so today was that weekday with normal dog walking, making my own dinner tonight, and so forth. There will be a lot of these days until there aren’t.

Started setting a bed time last night of midnight. I may need to get up but for now midnight until the dog gets me up. That’s sleep time. Trying to keep lights on and shy off naps now. Just the things you do on a normal day.

Hopefully a couple pics later on.


Near Asheville, Demon in the Tunnel. She always got a kick out of this one




Witch King, I hope you’re doing OK.


I learned something today from two people who have been through what I’m going through. I told them trying to track everything down and get this ad that and one stopped me and asked how long she’d been gone. I said 10 days, he asked if I wanted to join her. These things take time. Finances unfurl over months, not days. Told me to do absolutely NOTHING this weekend but play w my dog, enjoy my friend Kevin coming in, and relax or watch Olympics or whatever I do to relax.

THat did and does help. I just didn’t know HOW to go about all this. Good salient info.

Her first memorial is next Thursday and hundreds of her publishing friends and colleagues will be there so that will be sad and fulfilling I should imagine.


Cry well, it starts to get real at services so stay in touch with yourself. And again, get loved.


This is also in the entry way, some of you Callie hippies may recognize it


That looks quite Big, Sir!




Hey WK, hope you’re doing better

Just came home, had lunch at the mall with the family after work

My Whatsapp brought me bad news. A good friend, used to own a small pub a couple blocks from my house, passed away this night. Heart attack too. Guy was 45 or so, way too young, like WK’s wife.


I second that, WK. I hope you are doing well, considering. I imagine there are still many extremely difficult times. We’re all good “listeners,” I think – any time you need a shoulder.


Thanks rancidmilko, it’s been a month and some things are easier and some are harder. Kind of a weird place to be right now. It’s kind of the “everyone came running to help and support and be right there for the first 3 weeks or so, now that’s not there right now” stage and you do feel a little lonely or kind of empty. Trying to fill the time with planning for the future for me and dawg.

A guy in the building I see on rare occasions came up to me and of course said all the right things then told me I should get right back into meeting another special woman as – and follow along here – because she died I should get my life going again by dating whereas if I had gotten a divorce I might be inclined to wait a little longer before meeting women.

Ima let that all sink in.

They bring whores to divorce parties, the whole idea is to wear a butt hat. A memorial service or funeral not so much. Thanks dude, you’re full of nuggets of pointless information.


Mrs. WK is going to be a hard act for anyone to follow. If I were you, I’d just bask in the memory of that for awhile, and make a point of spreading her legacy (must be a huge amount of photos to go through!). If in time you find someone, great and many blessings. If not, hang around here and we’ll keep you entertained, as best as we can.

Besides you might end up with some crazy anti-internet broad. We can’t have that.

But that’s just my opinion. And I was never as lucky as you.


Oh I’m in no rush trust me. Friends and neighbors give me all the support and love I need right now.