Sadistic Marine drill instructor gets 10 years for abusing Muslim recruits


what a sick country man…


That is sickening.

What the hell is wrong with these power tripping fuckers?!?


No wonder so many of them become wife beating drunks… a friend of mine has told me a little about his army bullshit when you first join up, sounded like some creepy gay humiliation thing… don’t ask don’t tell I guess…


Like they had some shit called Medved or something where they have you all standing around in your underwear all day getting examined, shots etc. and then you have to go bend over and show some old man your asshole… It all sounded gay as fuck… I’m sure Bromo knows more about it… hahaha


Too bad they closed Portsmouth, the old Navy Marine Corp Prison, he would have lived his own style of Boot Camp everyday single day for the whole 10 years, but from the other perspective, and then some.


Good thing yer not a drill instructor, @A_WellDressedMidget



Very few of us anti-war protesters are.