Saw "Wild" Last Night


I’d say Reese Witherspoon gave a creditable performance, and it was a well told story, given the format.

Front and center were her Danner hiking boots. Good platforms for backpacking.
…but remember - size matters. These do fit a half size small, ladies.


fer 350 bucks I will buy a leather sewing old school singer and fucking make my own


I’d love to see the finished product.

…Pics please.




It’s a movie, Lotus.


Six’s post is a movie?


No - Wild is a movie. Six’s post didn’t even include stills.


I know Wild is a movie. Based on the book. Both mediocre.


Well, 2 1/2, three stars. It’s all relative to the age.


For a true woman alone in nature movie, this is superior to Wild.


I wanted that to be good cuz Cheryl is a local, and Reese did fine but as a movie yeah, so so.

Fun fact a local guy saw the movie did some mapping and ciphering and found Reese’s boot from the scene where she accidentally chucks it off a cliff.


She gave the boot the boot? this is why it is hard to lern yer english


What is this thread aboot?

(for yer Canadians there, eh)


Not just the boot, Das Boot.


I know a guy who thought Das Boot was about starting an old operating system.


For those that have not seen Wild and are wondering what the rest of us are talking about with the loosing of a boot etc, here’s the clip where reese loses it…


Yeah, but Reese Witherspoon is kind of cute.:slightly_smiling_face:


No problem, she will just get her boyfriend to go down and get it.:wink:


I will check it out.


Yes she is. Nice boobs too.