“I don’t see color”.

What the clueless say for $200, Alex"


Speaking of clueless

We may need to put out an amber alert fer Boro


Colbert (in character on his old show):

I don’t see color… People say I’m white, and I believe them, because

  • I can’t use the N word
  • I like Dave Matthews
  • my show doesn’t have “Tyler Perry’s” in front of it
  • I didn’t know it was Black History Month


All the late night crap is only politics

I remember when Johnny came on at fucking 11PM - no politics

diebus illis sunt



What the fuck 1992

I am talking the 60’s

get the fuk back in yer tent


Why do you think the 60’s became the 60’s? Because the fucking 50’s were so vapid…


It was better times - no two ways about it

you could not come close to grasping what it was like

the 50’s were fine and I only remember the last year of the 40’s


McCarthyism and Thalidomide was teh awesome!


Not to mention dual lunch counters and NO GHEYS!!!


If you was white, which I wouldn’t have been and my parents weren’t either.

You have no clue.


I never saw a non-white in person until I was 12

A truck driver from Phila asked me for directions to a furniture store - He was Black

Not until I was 12 and the town had 40,000 people


Yeah, that’s my point. You lived in a different world than the POC did.