Scum AG's at it again -- Media misfire? Columbia J-school, Bloomberg unite to teach gun coverage



Ah, more Fox “News” hysteria.


So it’s not true then?


A 2 day seminar? Holy Fuck Big Duke, you might as well move to iraqnam or some place where they respect guns rights!


Bloomfuck already blew 1/2 fucking billion campaigning agin guns

Pissed away when it could have gone fer some good


How much has the NRA spent trying to convince Americans they need more guns?


Fuck if a Reporter is gonna go to a seminar, I better go get me some guns, in case they report about guns or some shit!


Gimme one link where the NRA sez you should buy more guns - one

Thread for the daily mass shooting



Ya can’t fucking do it - so you post bullshit

Thread to me


OK, Six. Whatever you say. Anyway, that post gave me my best laugh of the day. It was from the gut. Thanks.


Glad ya got a laugh - when you stop laughing maybe you can find a link

Just sayin


I wanted a link to me being a nasty rabbit, still ain’t seen one

Just sayin’