Selfie with the Jaguar



At least she was scarred for life, doing what she loved.


Selfie idiots get what they deserve.


It shuda ripped her fucking throat out


Fortunately the jaguar will be spared.


Honestly I don’t understand selfies. When I am taking pics on my vacations, I already know what I look like. And I don’t feel like I have to prove to anyone else that I took the pic.


I don’t understand not being fully present when you’re doing something fantastic. I have pictures from some vacations that I look at NEVER.

But the memories will pop up here and there and they make me smile, sometimes laugh or sometimes sigh in exasperation…but they are my full experiences and I treasure them all.

I think people do the selfie thing to load onto social media platforms…:confounded:


I look at my pix all the time… they are on my screensaver AND my desktop changer. My windows machine desktop changer has a hot-key that I can hit, and my wife and I will play a game of “where are we now”.

It brings back the memories, it does


I got pictures of chessboards or gloom



I had this cat

Daffydill was her name

She would rip your fucking throat out (except Dawn of Myself) if you touched her

She was beautiful - this made folks think she was nice

First thing I told people


I stopped counting at 13 people she fucked up

I saw her attack a full growed German Shepard once


Sounds like My old Peter Cat, Peter was a big fluffy orange tabby looked a bit like Garfield.


I’m referring to Instagram, FB, Snachat, etc. The social media platform.


Ah, i don’t have any of those. This place is my only social medium.




Last night I was walking back from the 7-11 after I went to go get some Swisher’s to dump out and roll blunts with… and these two chicks pulled up in a brand new looking white jaguar convertible in front of the marriot spa and hotel and stopped right in front of me on the sidewalk so they could take a photo of the entrance sign… I should have kicked their car like a surly homeless bum. :slight_smile: